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Match Insights

Ever wondered how you could keep track of your performance, whether it is a practice or a tournament? SquashApp does it all for you:

- Scorekeeping, game analysis, & trending patterns

- Never miss out on a game. Coaches, Universities, & Federations for the 1st time will get real-time access to performances of their players

- Dynamic charts Vs opponents, providing helpful insights for a future rematch

How it Works

Coaches, Friends, & Family keep track of game rallies using our seamless pointing system

SquashApp does the math, and generates a detailed dynamic analysis of every single rally

Players, Parents, Coaches, & Fans will have access to new game analysis & insights

The Devil is in the detail

Every game, every rally, & every stat can be retrieved anytime anywhere

Court’s location based analytics, know where you win/lose your rallies

Advanced analytics

Compare between matches for comprehensive analysis

Trend your performances from one month up to 2 years

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